Our Modules to Lead You

ViramesV4 Project Management,
One from you, two from us… We turn ideas into projects from the right way. We can make production based on product and project, we can enable to control project-based production ...

Virames V4 Production Planning,
Answers is in our pocked… We are at the center of the entire life cycle of becoming from the raw material to the product. Every stage is under control. From the Quality to the Cost and from Time to Labor...

Virames V4 Product Management,
Continuity is important… Whatever you need, we are there. Production is a serious work. Product enter the Production as Raw-material or Semi-material, then exit as a manufactured product. We prodvide you to manage all materials and their specifications.

Virames V4 Resource Management
for humans… We do all things for humans. We make a use of your human resource’s informations and skills actively and we improve your company productivity via rewarding performans management.

Virames V4 Technology Infrastructure
Uses Microsoft SQL Server as a database. Business application can work with all Microsoft Operating Systems.

Enrich your application with Plug-in support
Offers you enhance application according to your needs. The application can be dynamically extended to include new features by yourself. You can also integrate the desired module or any feature into the system.

Virames V4 Supply Chain Management,
Power of collaboration… We analyse and present infromations about your suppliers. We further enhance every ring of your supply chain.

Virames V4 Warehouse Management
Be as regular as clockwork… Simlicity keep chaos on back side. We manage complexity for you. We control all warehouses that your business have, manage your inventories, the products that you produce and supplied and also help you keep accurate financial records of your warehouse transactions.

Virames V4 Document Management
Words fly away, writings remain… We offer you an opportunity to save documents of all things what your company own and access these documents where you need.

Virames V4 Quality Control Management
Your Investment is in safe… The system helps you record and manage data that relates to the material quality of your products. Using this system, you can verify whether the material you produce meets your specifications at several points in your business flow.

Virames V4 System Management
We are here for solution… Our main purpose is to do best for you regularly and consistently, so you can meet the requirements of the system to process your business properly.

Virames V4 Business Intelligent
Balance is an art… System creates a charts based on all your company’s data and also allows you to easily control the progress of your institution with that graphs.


Virames V4 Serve You;

We present you all sub-titles of the economy system such as R&D, Project Management, Protuction Planning, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Document Management, Quality Management, Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligent Management, System Manegement together with power of information tecnology.

Virames V4 Module Fuctions

1) Inventory Control and production planning,
2) Tracing serial/ lot transactions,
3) Stock tracking operations,
4) Supplier tracking and evaluating,
5) Project planning in depth,
6) Manage Human Resource easily,
7) Upload file in various fields and accessing these documents,
8) Analyse the work-flow with graphs,
9) More faster communication among the personnels by favour of email system,
10) Customizable and esthetics user interfaces,
11) Reports for almost every field

Virames V4 within easy reach via Tablet Application

With Virames V4 you can follow all your business process from outside the Office and easily access the informations that you want via Tablet Application. You can also speed up your business process by providing communication between your personnels thanks to mail system, So, you can control your work-flow easily,

The term Industry 4.0 comes from a combination of major innovations in the digital technology, biology and hardware automations.

Generally; taking over production by robots, the development of artificial intelligence, production passed on to houses from factories via 3D writers, sorting massive information by analysing data, and many other innovations.

Main purpose of Industry 4.0, to produce a better quality, cheaper, faster and less wasteful production thanks to robots which can communicate each other, their sensors that can detect the environment and analyse data to identify needs.

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